Does Anybody as ever created a 4 Channels L298 H Bridge?

Does Anybody as ever created or used a 4 Channels L298 H Bridge ?
And a user guide eventualy ?

See image below :

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It looks to be this one (which has as much documentation as you are likely to get on the web page under description, more than most boards like this from Ebay :slight_smile: ):

a quick google search didn’t turn up a Fritzing part for it. so you would probably have to make one for it after figuring out a schematic by tracing the leads on the board.

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I am still wondering the use of the jumpers on ENA, ENB and VSS pins, and I removed the two ENA and ENB and connected them to my Arduino board to manage the motor speed.

Also no idea about the use of the white push-switch on the top left part, is it to change from Step motors to normal motors ?

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From the l298 data sheet the enables should be high (which is likely what the jumper does) to enable the motor drivers. Direction and braking / free running of the motor are controlled by two input pins for each motor. At a guess the VSS jumper is intended to allow you to run lower than 5V on the motor (supplying 5V to the chip logic in some other way) or may switch from powering Vss from USB or the motor supply voltage. You might have a look at

which shows how to use a dual channel version of this with an Arduino (found with a google search for l298n) as it should describe the basic operation for half your board (and the other half will likely work the same for the second motor). I don’t know what the switch does, as I said earlier you may have to trace the wiring on the board and read the data sheets to figure out what the connections are supposed to do (in this case what the switch connects to, and therefore what it does.)

Thanks a lot, I managed to use it and it works mostly like the Dual H bridge L298N.
Is there anyway to find a ready made .fzpz of the 4 motors board instead of redrawing everything ?

I could aslo use 2 L298 Dual bridge objects…

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There doesn’t seem to be a Fritzing part for your board so you would need to create a custom part for it, so using two dual L298 parts may be your easiest bet if that works for you.

why does i can get the part of L298N in the link given. in fritzing it is not appear at all.

The links given aren’t to fritzing parts, only to data on the board. There isn’t a part for this particular board for fritzing yet as far as I know. Are you looking for this particular board or just any L298?


just l298 i need to use it for my line follower robot

Then if you type l298 in to fritzing parts search window the various breakout boards and chips in the core parts will appear (there are 3 or 4 of them). If that doesn’t suit you can google for something that suits your needs better.