Do you recognise a 6 pin oled display?

Has anyone any information, a fritzing part hopefully, about a nokia 5110 type oled display made by heltec that has six pins
I did get it working long ago but have lost all the information and the sketches for it.
I am hoping to get it to work and would like to make a fritzing picture of it wired to a nano.

There is an 8 pin Nokia 5110 Fritizing part available in the projects section of the main web site (a good place to look for odd parts :slight_smile: ) that you could likely modify.

Thanks for that.
I went to the projects section, downloaded the nokia 5110.fzz from here
Put it into parts editor and managed to alter the pins (is there any way to get rid of the two spare ones? I just marked them n/c and n/ c). I saved it and went back to ‘my parts’ where it had just saved the 8 way strip and not the rest of the picture? :slight_smile:

Where does it store the files it brings up in mine and temp?
I was wanting to send you a copy of the the finished item.

I think that may be the one that I found (I don’t seem to have kept where I got it from). Yes you can get rid of the extra pins but you likely have to edit the svg files with Inkscape to do so. If you upload the pin numbers that your unit uses and where you want them (associating the pin names for your unit with the pins on the current Nokia and marking the ones you want removed) I’ll have a bash at modifying the one I have to what you want since I’m floundering around in parts creation hell anyway :slight_smile: . The easiest way to get a copy of a part in mine is right click on the part in mine and select export part which will export it as an fzpz
file which Fritz will then read back in (and unzipping will get you the svg files). I mostly make parts this way and skip most of parts editor.

my board, with the pin strip along the bottom as it shows on the picture is
d/c cs MOSI clk gnd vcc

Just so I’m clear the pins look like this:

Nokia Yours

1 VCC VCC in pcb view the one with the square around the pad
in breadboard the extreme left
2 GND gnd
3 SCE clk
5 D/C cs
6 DN d/c

and pins 7 and 8 for the led gone. Does that sound about right? As well do you have a part
number for your display to replace the Nokia 5110 currently there?

No, VCC is at the other end. I was going to try to cancel pins 1 and 8 and leave the others in the centre, your list is correct but running from right to left

the ones I have are
Nokia 5110 LCD Module2 and 3 and 4
but I could delete any two or all three and just call it
Nokia 5110 LCD

Going to be more complex than I thought. The full Nokia I have is all png images not an actual svg (I haven’t yet had time to actually get to the Nokia in Fritzing) and so can’t be changed (at least by me :slight_smile: ). I have another that has an svg breadboard and a pcb but no schematic so I’ll start from there.

thank you I really appreciate your input in this. I wish I could see you do it.

In some sense (with the warning it is currently incorrect, I’m working on a new improved version) you can see how I’m doing it in my post in beginners:

the worst error is the advise to save as optimized svg, turns out that breaks gerber production. In fact you should use plain svg as recommended (but you have to post process if using Inkscape). In any case I have a test version of what I think your device should look like. Please try it out and point out errors in pin numbering or
placement on any view and we will see if I understood what you told me (I have some doubts that I did :slight_smile: ).

(edit:) Indeed a google search of the part indicates I misunderstood, the pins are on the top of the display not backwards. This new attempt should do mostly what you want (the breadboard view looks more like a real Nokia than the Helltec, but the pins are in the right place and I think named correctly). The holes in PCB view are set to .038in so as to take standard .1 connectors if you want to plug the device in to somewhere. I don’t have one (unlike the Nokia which I will post later) and thus can’t put in the mounting holes or board outline.
Please try this one and see if it does what you need. I just replaced this with a slightly (removed the px from the font commands!) version …

(edit: This part turns out to be wrong and has been deleted and replaced by a new version below)

That is brilliant. Thank you so much I am not interested in using the part from the drawings. I already have one made but just wanted to make a drawing of the connections, so your work is exactly what I want.
Thank you.

I hope you are still watching this.
I import the part, heltek_oled.fzpz, see the picture of it in my parts, go to fritzing/parts/user and a file has been added
Nokia5110LCD_1.fpz (I assume this is the file, if I clear this it comes up if I import the oled file again).
I can use it and drag it around the screen fine.
When I close fritzing and open it again it is ok until I go to my parts. It then brings up a box that says
Unable to find the following part
’Nokia5110LCD_1 at 'C:/Users/Bob/Documents/Fritzing/parts/user/Nokia5110LCD_1.fpz’
I can still see the file and I have saved both the bin and the sketch before I close but having done it quite a few times after reloading it it still fails to see the part?
Any idea what might be causing this?

Hmm, does that for me too. I will investigate. First time I’ve seen this particular fault.

You could try deleting the part from My Parts then save the bin. Close Fritzing and reopen it. If that does not work let me know and I will give you instructions on another way to remove it.

It looks to be related to me changing the source file names in the fpz file. I just tried starting from the original file (which has errors too!), changing the metadata and exporting it, but that too breaks the same way when reloaded. I should be able to figure out what I’ve screwed up, if not I’ll be back to ask :slight_smile:

OK letting Fritzing pick the file names seems to have worked (although I still don’t know what I did wrong, I can chase that later). This one appears to work in Fritzing (as does the first) but also survives being saved in my parts and reloading without the error message when Fritzing is restarted. The only change is is the source file names. I also now know a new test that I need to apply to new parts :slight_smile:

Helltek_OLED_LCD_6_pin.fzpz (17.8 KB)

Thanks you Sir, that works perfectly in mine as well. I owe you.

No problem, I want a Nokia any way and this is a minor change from that. As well it has pointed out yet another parts creation error I’m making (I still can’t figure out why it is breaking, looks like I need a development environment to get any debug information) but its useful to know what to test for :slight_smile: