Do you pay everytime you download?

I bought this app about 1 week ago and now it has a new version, do I have to pay for every new version?

New version? The latest version is 0.9.4 released November 1, 2019. What did you download?

Version 0.9.5 is under development. It is not available for download (that I know of). To use that, you need to be able to build it from sources.

Thank you I tried to find my comment to delete it lol. I opened the app and saw the fact that it there was an update but paid no attention to the date lol. I did read another thread and figured out why they have people pay for it each time. I’ve done some developers work before and I totally understand. Thanks for replying.

The “each time” is a result of restarting the project with very limited resources in 2019. The website was very outdated, a rewrite attempt had failed a few years before. So the payment system from the legacy page had to be used.
Now that the infrastructure is renewed, all the one-time payments are upgraded to ‘pro’ users (not yet sure if that will be the name. Imagine patreons, backers, or similiar), including downloads for possible re-installations and future updates for one year.

PS. No need to delete the comment, it’s quite a valid question. If we release a new version, I don’t want to show a paywall to users who had just paid a few months before. This is fixed by now, so one less blocker for the new release :slight_smile: