Do I Really Have to Build it Physically First?

The Basic Workflow

A simple Fritzing workflow consists of the following steps:

  1. Building a real circuit - it is very important that you first build a circuit in the real world and test it, before you rebuild it virtually in Fritzing.

Are there plans to change this restriction? Or can you safely ignore it?

Or is there other software that lets you build a circuit virtually without having to first invest the time/money in building a real one?

Many thanks

It is not a restriction, more a strong recommendation, with the expectation that a lot of beginning users of Fritzting are also new to electronics. That does say “A simple Fritzing workflow”. That is not the only possible workflow.

Depending on the situation, I build the circuit either in Breadboard view or Schematic (my preference) view first, before building it on a breadboard. Or build the actual breadboard circuit first, then create it in Fritzing. It works in any order, as long as you know enough to get the parts and circuit right.

If “all” you want is a virtual circuit (not planning to actually build a physical version), you probable want to work with a circuit simulator application instead of Fritzing. Fritzing itself does not do circuit simulation. There are some pieces that allow export of information for spice, but it is not complete. Most Fritzing parts do not contain the spice information.

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