Do anyone has Current Sensor ACS712 part?


I need Current Sensor ACS712 part of the image following…(width 13mm and length is 31.2mm). I am newbie and I can’t build parts. Do anyone have this part? please help me out. :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:


As always google is your friend (and the first place to start when looking for Fritzing parts). A search for “fritzing part ACS712” turns up a variety of options. I’d use this one (his parts are generally decent):

the web page is a bit weird, you need to right click on the text and select “save link as” to download the .fzpz file for the part (file->open in fritzing will load it.)



Thanks peter. I searched in google. I found this link but i could not get any access from my country . Don’t know why !!! So now i am going to use vpn . Generally I don’t use 'em.


Or I can just upload it for you from that site:

ACS712_Current_Sensor.fzpz (115.1 KB)



peter a lot lot lot lot thanks

Current sensor 5A ACS712

Another version is here Current sensor 5A ACS712