DIYMall ESP8266-01 Breakout Breadboad Adaptor

Hello all! Does anyone know if this part is available anywhere for fritzing? My google-foo has not been successful thus far.


It doesn’t look like there is one currently but it would be easy enough to make one. There doesn’t look to be a mechanical drawing and presumably you would want the ESP 01 attached to the breakout (since it isn’t sensible to use it alone I don’t think.) Mostly what is needed is the size of the board (available on the web from other vendors) and the x/y position of the .1 connectors.

edit: Took a guess at where the connectors should be …

ESP-01 Breakout Board Breadboard Adapter.fzpz (17.0 KB)

try it and see if it looks right.


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Nailed it!! Thank you!