Disable Auto Update

Is there a trigger to disable the auto update feature on the app? It is not apparent from the normal menu options offered.

I assume auto update is the check for new parts on github (which I don’t know how to disable although someone else may) as opposed to auto save which can be disabled in edit->preferences->General->Autosave? On the Mac shutting down networking has enabled Fritzing to run when the ssl library is too old to connect to github, but that is a bit extreme (but a possible solution) :slight_smile:


Thank vanepp. A teacher is using this as a teaching tool. When the update screen is presented at app start up, some class\ learning time is spent updating the product, where they don’t necessarily need the most up to date functionality, at that time. Would like to manually update during a maintenance cycle, when learning will not be interrupted.

I guess we will have to see if someone more experienced knows of a way to do this then, I don’t at this point.


I would also like to know how to disable the automatic update feature. In an education environment, users don’t have the permissions to update…

With no suggestions from anyone on how it can be disabled, the only thing I could suggest trying is blocking access to github in the firewall (either on the machine or in a perimeter firewall). A Mac user that was having update problems due to an old ssl version discovered if the network was disabled, Fritzing didn’t try the update allowing him to use frtizing.