DIP - ZIP 48 pin for Atmega/Attiny micro

Dear all,

does anyone designed the dip-zip socket *.fzpz? I need a 48 pin (24 per row).

2.54mm pin distance and 3.0" width (the ones to program micro as AtTiny or AtMega.

Could you provide it please?

Thank you

You mean a “Zif” connector. I have several different types and sizes but, I tend to always use the attached because they’re only a few dollars and smaller overall size.

ZIFF__Blue_28pin_R1.fzpz (50.6 KB)

It’s 28 pin (per row) (so the Atmel fits nicely). In fact, I use it for Atmel) 328, ATTiny 13, 40, 45, 84. It’s the smaller zif in the photo…

Pitch is 2.54mm but Row Width is about 7mm (to fit Breadboards). Hack it if needed…