Diode rectifier bridge

can you please help with this type of component

GBPC3510, Single Phase Bridge Rectifier, 35 Amp,



The link should be https://fastron.com.au/products/gbpc3510 to get to the actual product page. Following links, the datasheet is at https://res.cloudinary.com/fastron-electronics/image/upload/v1534749184/Powersem/GBPC_15_25_35_Series.pdf, which looks like 3 separate parts are needed for the series.

I am surprised that Fritzing does not seem to have at least a basic bridge rectifier in core parts. Even if it is not the right package. I could not find anything. A web search for “fritzing part bridge rectifier” found several parts that others have created, that could be used as starting point for this (or these). A brief search for fritzing part “GBPC” did not find anything.