Diode part has short circuit

Hi. I’m new to Fritzing but I think I’m doing reasonably well. I have noticed that the diode symbol seems to want a short circuit across it. If I just ignore the ratsnest line it tells me that all connections are not completed. When I export to pdf I get the option to continue anyway but it doesn’t seem right. Am I doing something wrong, please?

Upload the sketch (the .fzz file, upload is 7th icon from the left in the reply menu) and one of us will take a look. If you have reversed the connections in another view (i.e. breadboard one way and schematic the other) you will see a short across the diode.


Hi, Peter.
It looks as though you are correct, the short circuit was caused by misplacement of the diode. I think my practice of drawing new connection wires instead of double clicking the ratsnest line did not help. it enabled me to make the circuit as i wanted it but the program still wanted the connections as per the breadboard. A lesson learned.

Thank you,

It is safest to do one view (breadboard or schematic typically) completely first then do the other 2 by clicking on the rats nest lines. There is a bug which we haven’t been able to reproduce and thus fix where if you make an incorrect connection in another view the routing database gets corrupted and the only known solution is to start the sketch again.


Thank you, Peter.
I assume it is OK to ignore a view entirely. Another project I’m working on has 24 ICs, 96 resistors, 12 capacitors and 12 8-way headers on a board about 125mm square. I have been working with the schematic and PCB views only and the breadboard view is a bit of a mess. It would take a lot of work to sort it out and I have no intention to build it on (several) breadboards. I shall need 6 PCBs but I have one that I built on stripboard (an action that prompted me to investigate PCB manufacture). I can use the stripboard one to check functionality before committing to PCB manufacture. So, providing I have transcribed the schematic correctly, there should be no need for breadboarding.

Yes, the problem is making an incorrect change in another view that gets reflected in to the other two views.


Thank you, Peter. I’m now looking at ground fills, but that is for another thread.