Diode ( keine Led ) Bauform 0805 gesucht?

Hey Leute :wink:

Ich bin neu was Fritzing angeht.

Mein Problem ich suche aktuell eine Diode ( IN4001) in der SMD 0805 Bauform für mein Platinenlayout. Aber wenn ich in der Suche bei Fritzing nachsehe finde ich alles im Drop Down Menü nur keine SMD Bauform?

Könnte mir da jemand weiterhelfen ?

EDIT: Noch eine Frage wenn ich zb. einfach nur runde Lötpin`s mit Leiterbahn zur späteren Montage ( anlöten ) von Kabeln erzeugen möchte wie mache ich dass ? Finde nur “via” und das geht iwie nicht ?

Gruß Marc

Keiner eine Idee?

Es muss doch eine Möglichkeit geben

Std Diode SMD 0805

V1.0 - Diode SMD 0805.fzpz (5.7 KB)

Sorry English.
I had to make one because FZ doesn’t have one.
This is sod-323 diode modified to SMD with modified 0805 resistor PCB svg.

Thank you very much Mr. Grey :slight_smile:

I like frizing but sometimes i hate it, because the documentation is much to less.

at the moment i have 2 big problems…

i can´t find any solution for make a simple point on the pcb for soldering wires to connect, i meant without a screw header.

2: i want to use my 433 rf link module, i found a similar module but when i open the editor to set the pins correct i can’t do anything because the editor window is not there i have try any things but i can’t make it work.

regards from germany

1 - Core parts bin at the bottom – PCB View / Via. Adjust size in Inspector.

2 Right-click on part, then along the top – Connectors

Thank you Mr. Grey :slight_smile:

Look at the pictures i have attached i can connect via in the pcb view but i can’t see the via and the connections in the shematic view? why?

And i have make some pics that you can see my problem about the editor i can’t do anything in the editor !?
And i have attached the needed rxb 6 rf modul.

Let me know if you can help me out

Regards from germany

Marc :slight_smile:

Sorry but new users only can send 1 picture per post thats why i must send all pictures in a new post :unamused:

What are the wires for?

Via is for connecting top layer to bottom layer, but can be used for connections with EXTERNAL wires but won’t be in SCH.

Jumper - near to via - can connect tracks and will be seen in SCH.

What do you want to do with the RF Link?

Thank you for the explain, i need round connections on my pcb for soldering wires to like vcc , gnd , and so on without screw mounting or similar the only problem is it is very confuseing when you have more than 10 via without shematic plan, i need no connecting top to bottom i only need soldering points with connection in shematic. show you picture attached. you can see on the left and the right side many solder points thats what i need.

I found a Rf Link in the parts from fritzing but my problem is the module i used is a little bit bigger and the connections are not the same thats why i want to adjust it in the part editor but i have no luck :confused:

i attached the rf modul i need look at the picture.

regards from germany

I think that you are looking for connectorpads rather than vias, and you will need to modify the SVG files (which is difficult, I am working right now on both learning this, and documenting what I’m learning for others, but Inkscape has just bit me yet again :slight_smile: so its going slowly). I don’t think you will be able to make this entirely from within parts editor. If you post the Fritzing part you have and either the data sheet with the mechanical layout of the RF module or at least the pin spacing (I’d assume it is .1 centers, but a data sheet with dimensions would be better) one of us may be able to help you out with the svgs (the folks in here have given me a lot of help in the past!). Old_Grey: the rf module is somewhat like an IC it wants to plug in to the PCB (or more likely be soldered to the PCB on pads) to connect to a microprocessor so it needs a foot print for the 8 .25 inch posts with a hole big enough to take a .25 in pin and appropriately named connector pads to make connections to in breadboard and schematic.

Peter Van Epp

OK, you put a via where you want the wire to connect, resize, and then put a header pin on top and just don’t populate it.

That part is a lot of work.
Part creation in FZ isn’t easy because to get the nice pictures a svg has to be drawn for each of the different views to a certain format.
If you can substitute the part for plain header pins and locate them accurately you can fudge it.