Digilent PowerBRICK +/- 12V

PowerBRICK 12V.fzpz (9.4 KB)

Digilent PowerBrick +/- 12V. I made this for making a clean diagram for a lab report, use as you wish. This is an amazing $17 device that generates +/- 12V (~100mA) from a 5V supply or a microUSB cable. Great for powering OP amps.

I just saw them on EEVBlog a month back, and yes they were handy.

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That was fast! Hope you enjoy the model!

The same thing from ebay for $1.60 US free shipping (but a long wait :slight_smile: ) and without the fancy case:

Bought a couple for when I don’t need much current at 12V. When I do, 2 boost regulators for a couple of bucks more each will give you up to a couple of amps at ±12 at the cost of much more current from the 5V supply. +12 is obvious, for -12, ground on the boost reg goes to +5V positive input pin goes to ground (giving the -12V boost 5V input and the output needs to produce 17 V to produce -12 V relative to ground (and obviously needs a well regulated +5 supply as well). I’ll eventually probably make a part for these as well. However the more parts the better :slight_smile: .
(edit) It is worth pointing out, the the ground (both input and output) on the -12V boost module is in fact +5V not ground. It is therefore unwise to either use it as a ground or connect it to ground (a release of the magic smoke, followed by non function is in fact possible if you should do so)
Peter Van Epp

Wow, awesome find thank you for posting that. Students and hobbyist alike will find that useful for independent projects! I know I will.