DHT11 sensor part

Hello, I need DHT11 (temperature and humidity sensor) part it is blue and have 4 pins. I didn’t find it in the list in the application, please help.

Hi, I am looking for the same sensor. Were you ever able to find one?

In Fritzing search for RHT and you will find a very similar part (possibly the exact same with a different name). Just make sure the connections are in the same order before using it.

I received several DHT11’s recently but they are all 3 pin.

I guess they stop including the unnecessary pin ??

The fourth pin is just a second GND pin so it would not surprise me if some manufactures omitted it.

This site suggests the 3 pin version also has a different pin numbering scheme than the 4 pin version so a 4pin Fritzing part probably won’t be a direct match (although the same signals are present) so check yor pins carefully before connecting. Putting power on the signal pin may damage the sensor. Looks like the 3 pin version has an internal pullup resistor as well. I see an RHT03 in core parts which matches the listed 4 pin pinout below and there is a dht11 in the adafruit fritzing library from github that also matches the 4 pin pinout below.