Dht 11, load cell sensor, yl 69 with arduino and display in nextion

hi I’m beginner can you make a schematic about dht 11, load cell sensor, adn yl 69/moiature sensor and value can display in nextion 2.4"

You need to find Fritzing parts for the components, then load them in to Fritzing and connect them together. I don’t see a part for the nextion 2.4in display but the rest are around. A google search for “fritzing part yl-69” turns up this project:


if you download the .fzz file ( moisture_serial_fritzing.fzz) you will find parts for the moisture sensor and its interface board in the temp parts bin which you can reuse. The various arduios are in core parts, The google search turns up several DHT11 parts, there are a couple of load cells (I just made one for someone!) More information on exactly which nextion 2.4" display, with dimensions and connectors would be needed to make a part.