DFN IC Package not included, workarounds?

Hello, I have been working on making a watch for a while that has a number of features. One of the chips that I need is in DFN 6 pin package format. Although Fritzing does not include this. The chip in specific is a SGP40. Is there another package that can closely resemble this, or a way I can make a custom package to fit DFN 6.

Would it be tdfn. I looked back and saw that package.

I found a component “ISL29102” that uses ODFN6. Although I dont know the difference between that and DFN.

Assuming this is the datasheet

then this part should do what you want. Note you should print the footprint out at 1:1 scale and compare it with a real part before ordering boards.

SGP40.fzpz (4.8 KB)