Desing software


I wanted to know what software you use to desing your idea. Example to desing and test a robotic arm. Im using right now algodoo but if there is something else at low cost or open source

Im using fritzin to desing my electronic and sloeber eclipse pluggin to code my arduino

Im using win10

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I use blender to create all my 3d models and also use it to check clearances between moving parts visually. I do not use the pyhsics engine but I know it has one and is capable of detecting collisions on its own. It is also fully scriptable and if you look around the internet you may find plugins to do exactly what you want. But be warned Blender is the most complicated software I have ever used and even after 7 years of use I have only scratched the surface of what it is capable of doing. A few months ago I looked up how to do something and during that lesson I found that there are 4 or 5 other screens I have never used on top of the multitude I already use.


I’ve read lot of thing that blender can do a lot of thing but most of them are artistic . I’m gonna look at it . Can you move the part with hinge and bearing ect to simulate the design .
I’m always curious to discover new software and since I got my new hybrid tablet an chuwi hi 10 pro I can run almost all software . I was using a panasonic p51 with a centrino at 1.8ghz made in 2008 running win xp (just imagine the pain for fritzing )

Yes you can rotate around the parts origin (user selected center of the part) really easily. I use Blender for 3D printing so my models are functional as well as artistic. I see no reason why functional things can not also be beautiful.:slight_smile:

Blender has a Robotics section with a lot of valid stuff

I googled Blender robot arm simulation and this was the first hit.


Now I feel the urge to learn in 30 hours or plus to make a 2 minute model :joy: gonna give a try tonight

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