Design PCB "hat" with pads in border

Hi! I want to make a PCB like the attached to mount as “hat” over other PCB.
Is it possible with Fritzing? I made some trials with “vias” and “hole” without success.

Thanks so much

Yes, it’s possible… but I would need the data sheet…

Thanks for reply!

I don’t know why you need the datasheet. I want to design the “over” PCB.

I found the “name” of this kind of PCB holes: castellated holes.
Researching in google with these terms I found this answer in the forum:

but no success when I generate the gerber files (the whole hole disappears)

Maybe I misunderstood your question… I thought you wanted a pcb footprint to solder your part (looks like a radio of some kind) to another pcb (like a hat or shield). And then mount it to… whatever… The pin layout, schematic, footprint and other info are all in the datasheet…

The through hole is at the bottom of the Core Parts under PCB View. Just drag the Hole on the the board and set you hole size and ring thickness in the Inspector. I have no Idea why they would disappear… I don’t know exactly how you created the hole.