Demand of pay for the software download

Hello. I have doubt’s if demanding to pay minimum $8 for software that is a part of Open Software Initiative is ethical.

Additionally, for some people, due various reasons and additionally unfavorable currency exchange rate towards US Dollar (and other things, like big inflation), even $1 may be too expensive

You would be incorrect. You are free to download the source from github and build it (which is not that easy as I have done so.) or you can donate the 8 euros to get an already compiled version (where someone was paid to do the work of compiling it for you) and continue the funding the resumption of development, your choice. You can also read all the previous versions of this complaint and why this came about in the forums. Further discussion on this beaten to death topic by people contributing nothing is in my view pointless and a waste of space.



Why would it be unethical?

Do you think we should not be part of Open Source? (Not implicating anything, just wondering about the alternatives)

Usually it is highly unethical to request that people work without payment. Is there a reason that should be different for software or creative work?

I meant that the payment should be more in for of voluntary donation and not forced into anyone.

If people would follow the logic as was presented in the answer then neither Unux, Linux operating systems, nor most OpenSource software could be used and it would be just a bunch of useless bunch of code.

The software looks very good and it would be a big shame if it would loose all it’s potential because of putting any executable version behind a paywall.

If it works for “Unux, Linux operaring systems” it should also work for Fritzing… well maybe, or maybe not? A big number of software projects, open source or closed, are discontinued each day, for many reasons, other than lack of users. Even projects that “look very good”.

Please imagine how many people, companies, universities, governments in this world use Linux operating systems. Each project has different user bases and therefor might also differ in the way resources for development are ensured.

One of the characteristics of Fritzing is, that is very suited for students, artists, makers, and professionals from other fields than electronics. It is not really part of the tool chain for any huge company, for which it would have strategic value. It does not have any freemium model. It is not an in-house tool for a nuclear research facility :wink:

It strives on the creativity and the moderate fee of its users.

6+ years of no development because of no (something like 0.01% of downloaders donating anything) is a strong argument against this theory. This whole argument is a waste of time and forum bandwidth (which costs money!) We have been through this, the developers looked at what had not worked, and examined the alternatives and came up with the current plan which has caused some 6 to 10 new releases of Fritzing over the last 4 years (after 6 years of nothing.) Seems pretty obvious that their plan is working where yours does not. I am in favor of proceeding with their plan and ignoring yours (and posts like this one arguing about a plan that has plainly failed.)


I’m closing this topic…

It’s simple, 2 options for download. Fritzing website, or ‘Github’ (on GH, see releases right hand side of screen)

It’s pointless to have this discussion. You have been provided with everything you need, outside of someone holding your hand and doing it for you. If the pay-wall doesn’t work for you (in any sense) USE Github, download a compiled version/release or compile the source for yourself, it’s so simple… OP had you simply explored this route, you’d have found all the answers to your questions. Without really putting yourself out there. Thanks for using Fritzing!!