Deleting connectors doesn't reset to the top

When you delete a connector in the Parts Editor/Connectors window the whole window scrolls back up to the top connector.

I had to delete 40 connectors on a Ard Mega, and when you get down the long list and you delete one, it jumps back to the top losing your place. There is a lot of scrolling between each one, so it would be good if it stayed where it was.

I’d expect editing the fpz file with a text editor to remove the offending connectors would be the easy way to do this. You don’t even need to do the svgs (unless you need the visual evidence gone as well) as it they are gone from the fpz fritzing will ignore the terminals in the svg.


I’m no good at XML so I have to do everything graphically.

I had to remove them in the svg because I need the room to run tracks.

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