DC Power Supply Part Incomplete

Hello. I’m new to the Fritzing Ecosystem and could use some help with this part:

It is a simple DC power supply chip, but the center section with the 2x4 male pins sticking out have no connectors and the schematic doesn’t reflect the real chip. I believe this is the Schematic diagram:

If someone can help me by editing the current part or telling me how, that’d be great.

Name of the part
Generic Breadboard DC power supply

The official documentation of the part manufacture is linked here: https://static.rapidonline.com/pdf/73-4538_v1.pdf

The referenced part appears to be broken. Try this one


Thanks for the fast reply. However, I believe that you actually sent a link to the exact same part.

Just as with the one I uploaded, connector pins are only available on the sides, but the above labeled junction is where I need there to be connector pins. On the real part, they are male pins.

Ah! I didn’t look at it that far. That is easy enough for me to fix, the corrected part will be up in a while.


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Looks like it is more complex than I expected. I have a fixed part but it doesn’t render correctly and I so far can’t figure out why (possibly a Fritzing bug which I may need to get developer help with if I can’t figure it out, which may take a while as the developers are busy!)


Unintentional bug discovery is always fun haha. Thanks for all your help. Let me know how it goes.

Found (if not completely) my error, it appears to be a family name issue although I’m unclear why, as the family name doesn’t appear to be in use. I’ll file a bug report on the issue on github. I corrected that and this part should do what you want. Note only the bottom pins that are intended to connect to the breadboard appear in pcb. The rest are intended for jumpers and won’t connect to the pcb.

YwRobot_Breadboard_Power_Supply_v5-fixed.fzpz (31.6 KB)


My kind sir, you are a miracle worker. Peace and blessings upon you and your kin.