DC-DC converter

hello I can’t find the schematic of the XL4015 in fritzing. can anyone help me? I am very grateful

There is a XL4015 module available here:

The layout is probably not identical but the function will be and it isn’t worth making a new part. This part was found via the usual google search for “ritzing part xl4015 module” which is the place to start when looking for a part.


You can find the XL4015 in the “voltage regulators” bin. It’s not the module, but the IC, but integrating everything on your own PCB is much nicer than an external module. If you need help to design the voltage regulator on your own PCB, let me know, I have a tried and tested schematic in Fritzing.

Just made it here, no PCB however - only breadboard and schematic.

I spotted this post when searching for another similar “red” version, so I decided to make both