DC-DC Converter with XL4016

When I click (in Firefox) on the posted link the document

2.1 Part file format

which describes the format of the xml that makes up a part comes up. It may be that you are expecting some other type of document, but this one describes how a part must look (this is what the parts check script checks for in a part).

Since I didn’t try and move it that is most likely an artifact of a translate being removed during ungrouping. You should be able to move it to where you want though. If you are using Inkscape for svg editing you may want to download the python check script from here:

as Inkscape adds px to all the font sizes which Fritzing objects to and the script will remove them for you. You can also edit the svg with a text editor (which is what I used to do before writing the script) and do a global replace of px with “”.

Unfortunatly it’s not that easy. When the part doesn’t load there is code missing to check the return code. The result of that is that Fritzing seg faults and dies, but it has already saved the fact it was loading the part and when you restart it will try and load it again. Because the part isn’t there it will complain about the absence of the part, but it also won’t let you delete it because it isn’t completely present. So the only fix is to delete the user directories that contain all you sketches. That is why this is the first bug I fixed because it annoys me :slight_smile: .

It looks to me like you exported the entire mine parts bin rather than a single part (and it may have not exported properly at that). That isn’t necessarily a bug, since I think exporting an entire bin is allowed (I’ve not done it though). Normally to make a new part I’ll select the part I want to start from (often a generic IC or a header) then right click on the part, select edit part (new parts editor), change the metadata to match the new part then file->save as new part which creates the new part in the mine parts bin (and trips bug #2 because this new part won’t be deleted when you exit Fritzing even if you tell it to not save the parts). From there I click on the new part in the mine parts bin and right click export part to export the .fzpz file of the new part (not an .fzbz as you have which exports a bin)

We could do all those things if we could find someone interested and capable of doing them. The problem so far has been to find such a person or persons (as they need to have done parts creation enough to be familiar with what is needed), as noted I’d rather fix the bugs that annoy me at the moment and hopefully encourage more people to fix some of the bugs and then finish the parts editor.


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