DC-DC Converter 12V->5V

I need part for WMYCONGCONG Mini DC-DC Buck Converter 3A Power Adjustable. 0.79 * 0.43 * 0.2inch (L * W * H). I found here a pretty similar part with the same inputs/outputs but different in dimensions:
Is it possible to edit it to fit my part?

This part should do what you want. Note I moved the pads on to 0.1in boundaries which may or may not be correct, so it would be advised to print the pcb footprint out at 1:1 scale and compare it to a real part (or put a 4 position 0.1in header in the board and see if it fits!)

WMYCONGCONG-buck-converter.fzpz (12.9 KB)


Thanks! But, as you said, it doesn’t seem to fit to the breadboard. What can I do?

I would guess that you are using the original version. For me (because I moved the pads to make it so) it fits the breadboard and connects. Make sure the part you are using has the url in Inspector (circled in green on the lower right of the screen) as the original doesn’t have a url and that area will be blank.

As you see mine connects correctly to the breadboard (4 green rows indicating connected.) On your image the left pins are red (unconnected.) You also appear to have a short from VIn to Vout which is not correct


interesting, for me even the original connects to breadboard (it is apparently close enough!)

as you see it has Part1 rather than A1 as its label and no url. You might check that your grid size is the standard 0.1in (View->set Grid size) as if you have an odd value set that may be enough to make it not work.


You are right, I was using the old part…
I upgraded Fritzing to 1.0.1 but in the process I lost my last project, even as I saved it before the upgrade. Probably my wrong but i just wanted to mention it if someone would have the same problem.

Can you describe what happened a bit more? If you saved the sketch it should be in a .fzz file in the file system somewhere, in the file pointed to by the save command (independent of Fritzing!) and shouldn’t be affected by an upgrade. It is possible that there was a problem with writing the file (and it is possible that Fritzing didn’t report it) such as no disk space but at least the file name should exist in the file system, perhaps with a truncated length. Even your imported parts are preserved across upgrades in the user directories which are not touched (or should not be at least!) by an upgrade, so I’m curious if we can figure out what happened.




Hi Peter, Is it possible to slightly edit this again to this :frowning:

Yes. This part should do what you want.

buck-regulator-mp1584en.fzpz (11.6 KB)