DC-DC boost converter

Good afternoon! Tell me, please, where can I find a DC-DC boost converter in the Fritzing element library? I leave a link to what I mean. https://www.amazon.com/DZS-Elec-Converter-Adjustable-Regulator/dp/B07L64GJ42

The rio rand lm2596 in core parts should do the job.


Sorry. But I did not find such an element lm2596 in my Fritzing library. How should I proceed then?

I typed ‘rio rand’ into the search field and got 2 results. One is the part you are looking for, the other is an IR receiver. fritzing v0.9.9.


I’m happy for you. that you found what you need. My program version is 0.9.3. Looks like I don’t have these items. Can you send me a file with the element I need?

Click Help->check for updates. That should trigger a parts update which will load the current parts repository. There is also one in the forums here

but I don’t know if it is good quality or not (submitted parts are of varying quality!) There is another version here (I think this may be the current one in core parts.)

A google search of the form “fritzing part lm2596” found all these.



Thank you, Peter! This is what I want.