Darken row/column lettering on 03MB102 Breadboard?

I’ve looked around and found a lot of good info on editing parts, but the 03MB102 breadboard doesn’t seem to have any capability to export for edit. Is there any other way to darken the row/column lettering? The light grey is not showing up very well in the documentation I’m trying to build. Any help would be appreciated.

Yes, you have to dig it out of the core parts bin and make your own fzpz file from the component files (which I had to do to use a breadboard as part of a part for someone). This is just the standard breadboard, you will need to use an svg editor such as Inkscape to darken the lettering then delete the stock breadboard and replace it with this one in your sketch.

breadboard2.fzpz (42.6 KB)

Unzipping the fzpz file will produce the fzp file and the svgs.


Awesome. Thanks for your help Peter. I will check that file out.