Cytron MDD10A Fritzing File

Hello, I have searched the internet and unfortunately come up empty handed.

There used to be an old Google Drive link that Cytron provided which contained the Fritzing files, however, it doesn’t work anymore.

May I ask if anyone knows where to find the file for a Cytron MDD10A?

I found this older mdds10 fritzing part (incomplete, no schematic or pcb) part on a google drive somewhere. It doesn’t match the current listed mdd10A on the cytron site though. It would be reasonably easy to modify it to match the current part (and add at least schematic!)

MDDS10.fzpz (32.9 KB)


It’s okay, I was able to find it! Thank you for your help though.

Here it is for anyone else looking for it. :slight_smile:

MDD10A.fzpz (91.6 KB)

Hmm. that one isn’t in much better shape :slight_smile: still no schematic or pcb. Pcb isn’t too useful (although an outline would be) but schematic would be useful. Perhaps I’ll fix it up.


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That would be amazing! :smiley:

OK, here is an improved part. There are a fair number of changes (mostly internal), breadboard has been rescaled to be the correct dimensions, schematic and pcb now exist as well. There are pins in pcb for the 5 control pins (or at least wires for them to go to the connector) and mounting holes in silkscreen (if you want mounting holes drilled, you need to drag a hole over the hole in silkscreen in the sketch and set the correct size, mounting holes will not be drilled by default!)

MDD10A-improved.fzpz (29.5 KB)


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Thank you so much for taking the time to do that!