Cypress PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Board

I’ve created a part for the Cypress PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Board. Part serves my purposes and submitted as is. Hopefully all ok.

UPDATED. Set internal GND connectors.


PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Board.fzpz (464.7 KB)

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Woah! That’s a huge board, pretty amazing design, how long you took to finish it?

The real board can be found here for comparison purposes:
Cypress PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Board

It took awhile. Screenprint and solder mask templates used to generate design layout. The longest part was naming the connector pins/terminals.

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Yeah, I know that feeling after doing a whole arduino mega shield, took me like 3 days to assign each pin/connector inside breadboard/schematic/pcb views.

Also, do you know how to push those parts into Github Fritzin-Parts repository?

Do you have other Cypress board to be accomplished?


Yes, took about the same time.

No, I wouldn’t know how to push parts in the github repository.

Other Cypress boards? I have one or two old PSoC 4 BLE ones done a couple of years ago.

Well do you have in mind making other Cypress Board in order to add them to fritzing parts repository (I would do it) for anyone interesed on it. Of course, would be good if those board are available at the Cypress website and not outdated ones.

For example, on my university, there is a friend which is working on Digital Signal Processing (DSP) on a Cypress Board (which I can’t remember right now the reference) which requires C programming language.