Custom Shaped PCB crashing output

Wow! Thank You!
Also, when I try to just add holes onto a Fritzing rectangle, it will complete the lower left but not the lower right.

Untitled Sketch 3.fzz (34.9 KB)

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 5.09.11 PM

Gerber Viewer shows the contour .gm1 as skewed for the custom imported board from Inkscape.

It should look like this…

You are doing better than I :slight_smile: for me the contour layer is empty:

Fritzing pcb:

Gerbv output has no apparent contour layer (although the file is loaded):

In any case, it looks like you have hit one of the gerber output bugs and need to try and adjust the outline svg to make gerber output happier.


I have a few different brands for ZIF’s. I like these little Blue ones - they’re only a couple of dollars on Amazon and have lasted me several years… I don’t use my $30 ZIF’s anymore…

It’s only a graphic (in KiCad) for the 3D-View. The footprint for the actual PCB is below…

Blue ZIF Shown on my Arduino hobby Breadboard…

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