Custom PCB shape SVG


I made a custom PCB shape for my board based on Fritzing. The fill and outline colors differ from the built-in boards. Is that merely a cosmetic thing or will it affect PCB production (i.e. should I change the colors)?

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Add-on question: Will the SVG be embedded into the Fritzing file or do I always have to keep the SVG file in place (and share it alongside the Fritzing file)? Probably the former, but better safe than sorry. :slight_smile:

The color of the svg is different from the default in Fritzing and that won’t cause a a problem. The svg file is saved in the sketch .fz file so will stay with the sketch without further action. You should verify the shape is correct by exporting the sketch as gerber files and then checking the contour. gm1 file with a gerber viewer to make sure the shape was exported correctly.



Great. Thanks a lot, Peter!

Yes, suggested to confirm with gerber,

especially if your shape was drawn by inkscape
I had see some many buggy shape exports :stuck_out_tongue:
typically you can know if the shape imported to fritzing is wrong when you see the message “the board contains ‘x’ cutouts” , mostly my board have some hole or shape to cut off, and if the x is 0 or 1 I know its wrong, 1 is the least number if you don’t have slots.

I did modify the sample .svg manually. Don’t trust tools other than a text editor. :slight_smile: And I don’t have any cutouts or drills (yet). If the images look ok on the manufacturer’s website ( I should be fine, right?

If you know XML/SVG then yes. Would not hurt to do a gerber export, and view the created result in a viewer (gerbv). There have been past issues with valid SVG paths not closing properly during export. If that happens, you need to duplicate the path starting point before the “z” to close the path.