Custom PCB Shape Cutout Issues - Illustrator

I’ve been trying to get this custom cutout (donut) style PCB shape into Fritzing for a few days now and have tried everything. I don’t know what is going wrong and I’ve followed all of the guidelines from the main Fritzing website about custom PCB shapes but it’s hard to find resources about custom cutout shapes.

A link to the .SVG file is below and any help would be greatly appreciated!

I don’t know why you have been working on this for a few days… It only takes a few minutes to make one… Just kidding…

See attached, This is a Donut I made for andy, , to see how it is written.

You need the layer: “board” with the object “boardoutline”. this needs to be a single object.
Layer: “silkscreen” is the top of the board and the Layer: “silkscreen0” is the bottom, Silkscreens can have as many objects as you would like.

<g id="board"> <path id="boardoutline"/> </g> <g id="silkscreen"> </g> <g id="silkscreen0"> </g>

To import the PCB, highlight the pcb in the view and click “load image file” in the inspector.

Did you get it working? The Donut needs to be a combined object…

Thanks for the quick response! I’m still trying to import and getting errors and Fritzing turns back just a circle without the cutout. I followed the template that you shared.

Could the issue be, the way that I’m cutting the shape out of the object? I’m using this…

Here is the updated file…any help would be awesome! Thanks again!

Everything looks correct except for one little error… The line thickness on your silkscreen and sildscreen0 are 930px. They need to be about 3px…

update: You have this thing in Illustrator called stroke-miterlimit=“10”, not sure what it is but that may be your problem.

Thanks again for all your time.

Does it work when you try to import it into Fritzing? I looked into the stroke issue and fixed it but I’m still getting an error in Fritzing where the circle imports but the cutout center does not.

Update: Here is a screen capture video of what’s happening -

Is it suppose to be 216mm?

Update: All I did is use your drawing and change the stroke width on the silkscreens… I don’t us Illustrator, makes it difficult to figure out why your drawing does not work.

Does it work? Did you figure out what the problem was?

Update: I notices that in the corlDRAW, in the svg metadata, that it give the image size “width=“11.5991in” height=“11.5991in””, but for the Illustrator image it does not… I don’t know if it has anything to do with it and I am not sure if Fritzing requires it.

Yeah, I don’t know. I’ve tried everything and it doesn’t seem to want to work. It’s perfect based on the example you sent over. It’s quite puzzling…

OK, what I did was open it in Inkscape, Files/Document properties/resize page to dwg, save as plain svg, and it now works.

I noticed the resize thing before. I resized/shrunk the MPX2010, because it was smaller than the actual dwg, and it stopped working, so I put it back and it worked fine.

Unless this is one of those things were we edit and save it in InkS and it now works.

Old_Gray, we want to know why he can’t get it to work when exported from Illustrator… it should work… I want to know so if someone else has the same problem I know how to answer it.

@andre How do you get the custom PCB image, drawn up in Adobe Illustrator to work in Fritzing?

Yeah it must be something in Illustrator, I guess it “doesn’t adhere to the svg standard” lol

There is a free download trail.

I ran the file here and it said 6 errors.

I don’t know what that means because the InkS svg had 14 errors.

There seams to be a lot of settings to export a svg in AI

@iamtheream, This is the Raspberry Shield from the core parts, drawn in AI: , maybe you can figure out something from this… Import it, then export it… see if you can duplicate it… Got to be something simple…

Send me your latest updated pcb.svg.

Did you use “select image” for exporting?

Thanks for all the awesome feedback! You all are really nice.

Here is the latest .svg file -

By “select image” for exporting, what do you mean? From Illustrator?

I install AI-CC on my PC… I figured out what your problem is, but I cannot figure out how to fix it. You are more into AI than I am so maybe you know how to fix it. If I got this right… You need to load a DTD file into the XML structure that will add “xml:space=“preserve” width=”###" height="###""

I inserted; xml:space=“preserve” width=“11.5991in” height=“11.5991in” into your file and it worked. I tried to research on how to load DTD files into the XML files in AI and can’t figure it out. Apparently, there are several ways to do it but I can’t figure any of them out.

I have been kicking this thing around for hours and I still can’t figure out how to add “height and width” into the .svg file. I did find a blog that stated; "The width and height values are missing from the first svg tag (highlighted in code above). You can save your SVG file, and then add these values into the tag yourself via a text editor "

There has got the be a way to add these .svg tags in there…

That’s awesome! It totally shows up now and works! So weird how Illustrator exports these .SVGs. I guess I’ll just have to add a similar xml:space="preserve" width="11.5991in" height="11.5991in" tag in each first SVG file.

Thanks so much! My face lit up when it worked.

I don’t know what version you are using… I was reading that it was a bug in cc 2016, and that cc 2015 did not have the missing tags. There is an svgFileFormat plugin in the core files… unable to open it. Now I know why people were have problems with AI and Fritzing… I believe all Fritzing .svg.s require those tags.

I guess I will stick with CorelDraw for a while…