Custom PCB manufacturers for mouse?

I want to get a custom mouse.
Does anyone know where I can find manufacturing for a custom mouse shell and PCB manufacturer?

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I recommend finding a local production house for PCB production. You can also export for production threw fritzing. There are a ton choice’s for PCB manufacturer’s. Now for a custom mouse shell. You’ll need to find someone that can machine a mold from your drawing and or design files. From there you’ll need to find someone that does plastic injection molding. Given the brevity of this question, following a project of this nature threw from start to finish is far more then a 10,000dollar project USD. And if you can get production ready within that price range, you’re simply baller, no questions. I recomend this same post real quick over@ the eevblog. That is a super active discussion forum pertaining to the engineering side of a product from start to finish. A good resource nonetheless.

Good Luck

PCBWay: Online submission of files, acceptance quickly with no issues. Detailed tracking of the manufacturing process on the website, you can follow online and see what the lead time is. And a good price too! Fast manufacturing and fast DHL international shipping.great for your rapid PCB needs.

StormCircuit Top Quality,Quick Turn and turnkey service with good price.High tech boards from 2-30 layers,3/3 mil,rigid-flex boards and high frequency (RF) PCB.

Edadoc Provides one-stop PCB capabilities including PCB design, PCB fabrication, PCB assembly.

SOPPCB Technolgy Founded in 2003,Professional PCB fabrication, PCBA assembly and components sourcing

NexPCB Founded in 2005, provides Prototype PCB, Professional PCB, PCBA, Turn-key solution. wonderfulpcb PCB board from printed circuit boards(PCB) manufacturer real-pcb FR4 PCB, Metal Core PCB, Flex PCB, Stencil szrcypcb Professional PCB manufacturer supplies products for Sony, Siemens,Samsung,Volkswagen

Above is the manufacturers I have bought PCBs from. Hope it helps you.

Fritzing fab is competitive priced compared to local Fab houses, with the advantage that someone verifies the actual file, domething that most fabhouses don’t do. If it looks ok in a gerber viewer then thats enough.
Some are even fully automated and nobody looks at the file, they just produce whatever you upload.

I have seen very nice results from chinese fab’s, but triplecheck the actual gerbers before you upload them to china
A friend of me uploaded a gerber from kicad that had several traces missing due to a bug. And when ordering from china then it is a bummer when you wait for 4 weeks only to receive pcb’s with several traces missing because you forgot to check the actual gerber files.

My singlesided PCB’s i DIY, for doublesided there is a lot of choice in the PRC. And some have a choice of funky colors, PCB thickness, HASL, ENIG, copper thickness.

I recommend you to get a schematic firstly, secondly find a supplier for PCB prototype and PCB Assembly such as PCBGOGO. lastly, you could find a factory to design the case for the mouse.

Will recommend to try out Yucha Electronics. They are one of biggest PCB Manufacturer ion China . Up-to last year they were developing pcb for Intex company producing computer accessory like mouse , speakers etc.

Seeed Studio Fusion was one of the best China PCB manufacturer I know. Some friends were used to make their boards there, and the quality was unbeatable

Hi Steven. I think printed circuit board factory is not a problem . Prototyping first and have them assembled and test the samples. The mouse wouldn’t be difficult. And I think the problem is the mouse shell. Making the mould would be expensive and maybe you can find in China. A friend of mine in Mexico also facing the similar situation.
Good luck to you.