Custom PCB help


I’m struggling to get this custom PCB to export gerbers correctly.
It looks fine in Fritzing but I get a bunch of errors (no drill, mask file exported etc) when I export.
I tried searching the forum and I read that the problem might be the slotted (non circular) cut outs and some issues with (stroke-miterlimit=“10”) attributes from Illustrator but I am still banging my head against the wall all week on it and I have run short on ideas to fix it.
Maybe the file/pcb is too big? …because I can’t do a copper/ground fill either. I thought that might force the correct gerber files to be exported but I can’t get it to copper/ground fill.
Could someone help me see what I’m doing wrong please?


HpLpDist_Panel.fzz (11.6 KB)

P.S. I am hoping to have this made from Aluminium but I would settle for FR4 with 2 fills.

Thanks, Kevin.

Seems to work for me (took a long time to think though!) on Fritzing 0.9.10, Win10:

silk top and contour

just contour

What are you seeing as wrong?


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Hi Peter,

Thanks for your help with this.

It looks fine, to me, in gerbv and Fritzing but when I upload it to JLC the cutouts/drill holes are all missing.

Cheers, Kevin.

You will probably have to ask their support folks about what is wrong. Fritzing looks to be getting it correct, but they don’t like the results. There don’t appear to be any holes (no drill.txt file) it is all in the contour file. I think (but don’t know for sure) the contour file gets milled not drilled, perhaps they can’t mill the holes?