Custom PCB Board

I’m having a hard time create a custom PCB layout using Inkscape.
When i am opening the .svg it in Fritzing it tells me that there’s no outline which i can confirm when checking the gerber file.

I’ve attached the layout with dimensions. Can anyone help me, design it?

Link to image:

Can you upload the SVG you made here and I will have a look to see what is wrong.

Of course. The drawing is right here: drawing%20-%20Copy

Ok so there are a few issues.

  1. There is something wrong with the path that makes up the board outline. To fix it you select the board group and press ctrl+L (or use the menu Path/Simplify). This will fix the path and allow Fritzing to generate the outline.

  2. The silkscreen is larger and offset from the board layer. You can either resize it and center it. Or you can delete the path inside the silkscreen group and not have a board outline. I do not use a board outline because it never looks right especially when it doesn’t line up correctly.

  3. The last thing to do after everything is fixed is to select all Ctrl+a and then go the file menu and document properties and resize the page to content.