Custom part working fine in all 3 views, but part is invisible when schematic is exported to SVG

I’m sure there’s some property in the part’s schematic svg file that I’m missing. Anyone know what could cause this ?

Post a copy of the sketch and we will have a look. There was a similar thread a while back that turned out to be the loss of the breadboard group in the svg. There also appears to be an unresolved Frtizting bug involved as well.

Thanks for your reply, vanepp. I saw that earlier post you mention as well… He was trying to export the breadboard view.

I’m trying to export the schematic view. It exports correctly as PNG and PDF files… Just not SVG. Do I need to specifically specify a schematic group in the part’s schematic SVG file ?

There normally is one such as this: g id=“schematic” gorn=“0.1” in the schematic svg. If it was missing Fritzing may still work but export not (some of the export functions appear to be more strict than Fritzing).

Thanks. I had a feeling there was something I was missing.
I also tried to export the breadboard view and the part didn’t export there, either.

The part creation tutorials here don’t seem to go into such details, or if they do, I missed it.
Doing the part in Inkscape and have been using its built-in XML editor to change Inkscape’s cryptic ID names to something that makes more sense. Will try to find the location to set that property.

Thanks again !

You are usually best off starting with a generic part from Fritzing (until you have a fair bit of experience in making parts) as they will have the appropriate groups already in the svgs that Fritzing is expecting.