Custom part MFRC522 or (vf)qfn-32?


does anyone know if there is a fritzing part for the MFRC522 or any (vf)qfn-32? or is there anyone willing to make it for me? or is there a (paid) service that will make custom parts?


Who makes the chip you want? The NXP mdrc522 data sheet doesn’t have a recommended pcb footprint (only the package outline), the TI version has a footprint but isn’t a MFRC522 … It matters because the TI version (and maybe the NXP) want thermal pads on the footprint. There is a gfn-32 footprint in core parts, but it doesn’t have thermal pads and thus probably isn’t suitable.



hi peter,

i want to use the nxp:

the footprint:

seems no thermal pad

what is the gfn-32 part? searching on gfn-32 does not find anything


It is the atmega 168 SMD part. Found in


then the part identified by a

$ grep -R SMD_LQFP32_DT.svg *

but the footprint doesn’t look correct for the nxp part I found, I’ll have a look at the one you posted.

edit: Yes that footprint is the one I was looking at, and it does want thermal pads that are not in the listed footprint. I’ll modify a part.


This part should do what you want. As always before ordering boards print out the footprint at 1:1 scale and check it against a real part. In order to get DRC to pass you need to set the keepout down to 0.0050in.

MFRC522.fzpz (11.4 KB)


wow, that is great! thanks peter!

is there a place we can put these so it is easy to find for other to use? or is that this forum?

i am going to use it now!


That is usually the forum. If I get unlazy it is possible to make a pull request on github and get it added to core parts, but I usually leave them in the forum.

Peter ?

if you look at the image ( - this is a board with the chip, not the chip itself