Custom Card Edge Connector Part

Hello everyone!

I am quite new to this (Forum and the design of PCBs in general), so please be gentle with me if my question lacks a certain degree of precision or correct terminology. I have for some time now been trying to come up with a more feasible solution to the following problem:

I have two parts that I need to join:

  1. A card-like electrode with 10 contacts (pitch 2mm): (_F5A5577
  2. A mini edge card socket that receives this electrode (and is later placed on a PCB - currently a SAMTEC MB1-120-01-L-S-01-SL-N):

My main problem right now is, that the edge card socket mentioned above only works for this purpose, if every second contact pin is removed manually (i.e. with pliers, which is messy and time-consuming). To improve on this process it was my first intuition to look for an alternative edge card socket with 2mm pitch, 10 contacts and 0.80 mm card thickness. However, I could not find any manufacturer that produces a connector with these specifications.

Therefore, I am now wondering if there could be a customised solution for this. I am not sure if the solutions that I have so far come up with are worthwile:

  1. Using a connector like the TE 1-1775469-0 - I don’t know if this will provide good contact and will retain the electrode well.
  2. Adding contact pins directly to a PCB and adding a 3D-printed enclosure afterwards using something like this (without the wire):

So now I am wondering: What do you think would be a good solution - especially one that I could achieve using Fritzing? Do you think one of the above directions is good or is there perhaps even something that is much simpler that I have not considered?

Thank you all very much in advance for your feedback and your ideas!


I expect your best bet would be to find the matching connector that fits the electrode (which unfortunately may be a custom connector that is not commercially available.) The TE 1-1775469-0 appears to be male pins, not an edge connector and likely won’t fit the connector in the picture. If you can find a 2mm connector with the right slot thickness (which does appear to be uncommon) you perhaps could 3d print the support rails for the card. Another option may be to find a .5mm 40 pitch 40 pin connector (if there is one with a .8mm throat) and hope that the pins don’t short between the fingers so you can use every 4th connector to get the needed 2mm pitch (I assume you need to remove every other connector in the Samtec part because they short the pins together if left in.) There doesn’t look to be any easy solution though. Good luck.