Custom Breadboard Creation

Hi I’m new to fritzing but I’ve just noticed my breadboard size isn’t available. I need 1-30 with A-L. I have recreated this myself in illustrator and exported an SVG but now don’t know how to convert this into a part. If anyone could help me it would be much appreciated.

Here’s the SVG -
Custom Breadboard

Here’s a link to the illustrator file -

Thanks !

Hi harveyf2801, welcome to the forum!

If you have a name for that BB, you could try googling for 'fritzing part '…

I doubt that will help, but it’s worth a try. Then you could maybe consider using fritzing’s BreadBoards, sure they are not an exact match. But does that matter? Your BB has 30 columns and 6 rows on each side, and one power rail. I think the standard fritzing BB is 30 columns and 5 rows per side, with two power rails. The power rail spacing is a bit different, too. Does it really matter if there are a few differences in between your part and one that is readily available?

A BB like this can be created as a custom part, but it is a bit of work to do so. First off, you would need to name every connector hole in your .svg to a specific name. 30 columns * 6 rows * 2 sides = a lot of connector name assignment in the .svg. Then, additional files will have to be edited to connect each column into being a buss.

It’s a bit of work, but it can be done.