Custom board shape in Inkscape

I’ve tried making a custom board in Inkscape according to the guide at Fritzing . It complains about “The custom shape has no cutouts”, but does show the shape I want, including the holes/slots for the enclosure. Is that message going to be a problem if I go to get it fabbed through the option in Fritzing?

The SVG file I used is here, if that helps:

To me it looks fine. This is the gerber contour.gm1 file of your svg displayed by gerbv which looks correct. I will let someone from the fab answer about whether they can produce it.


Huh… I suppose if it works, it works. The first time I tried a test upload to Aisler it had a really weird milling path where it missed some of the holes and took a double path around the edge.

I’d advise checking with Aisler, I am no where near an expert on PCB stuff, so while it looks right to me that doesn’t mean that the result will be right (although there is a good chance it will.)


If it doesn’t look right on Aisler, then assume that it isn’t right. No matter what it looks like in fritzing or gerbv, if it doesn’t look right on Aisler, then it won’t be right. How Aisler’s software sees the board is how Aisler’s software will create the board.

I’ve only designed 1 custom pcb board before for fritzing. Looked fine in inkscape, looked fine in fritzing, upload the board to OSH Park for production, and it was missing the top edge of the board. I contacted them about it, and they fixed the problem on their end, but it was my fault. Turns out the outside outline of the board was not a complete path in Inkscape - the start and end of the path wasn’t connected. I don’t remember if I checked the files in a gerber viewer program like gerbv or not.

I tried to download your file to look at it, but get the message it’s been removed.

Anyway, as I said, if it don’t look right in the software on the fab website, then it won’t be produced right…