Croatian Language help me?

I’d like to translate Fritzing in Croatian (hrvatski) language . And I need fritzing_hr.qm and fritzing_hr.ts files on fritzing GitHub repository in language folder. Can you help me???

You would need to clone the fritzing-app repository on github add the needed files to your repository and then make a pull request on github to get the files added to the repository. They won’t appear in Fritzing until there is a new code release which may be a while.


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As @vanepp stated, clone the repository and add the required files (fritzing_hr.qm, fritzing_hr.ts). I recommend making a copy from fritzing_en.ts and fritzing_en.qm, rename them and start translating the whole file.

In order to make it work, just put the text inside <translation></translation> tags.


I use Qt Linguist. Must I translate .qm file separated or just save .ts file?

I haven’t taken a look into the .qm file since I am busy making a part, but you should create both files (.qm and .ts) for the croatian translation and take a look how it was done for the other languages.