Cricut Maker, has anyone used to make stencils?

Hello all, I’m working on making my first home made PCB just for the fun of saying I did it myself and I’m looking for help with a question I haven’t been able to find answers to in the forum or by way of Google.

Can a Cricut brand vinyl cutting machine be effectively used to make a stencil for masking off traces in order to etch the unnecessary copper off the PCB board? If so what file format needs to be exported to do so?

I haven’t researched the topic but this is the only one I came across watching Elec YT channels.

I’ve also seen Coke cans cut open and have holes etched in them for stencils.

I guess it depends on the thickness of the vinyl because it dictates how much paste gets put down.

I was working on it over the weekend and was able to make both a positive and negative image (at the same time) of the PCB layout I’m considering etching on a copper clad FRP board.

One has the trace pattern left in vinyl to be transferred to the copper board. The other has the opening like the SMD stencil shown in the video which will require filling in with ink marker or some other suitable masking agent to protect the copper.

I also have the vinyl backing paper I’m going to try and use with a laser printer to attempt the toner transfer method with an iron just for comparison of the results.

Oh etching PCBs.

This is what I did.

I use Silhouette Cameo 3, it’s awesome, but you should search for some vinyl cutting machine reviews and you will decide which one cutting machine the bet for you and your business.