Creating TTGO T7 part

I 'm wondering if someone is able to create a part for me?
The part I’m looking for is the TTGO T7 ESP32. I think I have included the required information. I am able to tip or additional donation for the trouble.

An additional picture of the board. Let me know if any information is missing. I just need a basic part.

This should do what you want. As usual the mounting holes are only on silkscreen in pcb so you need to drag holes in to your sketch if you want the mounting holes drilled. As always print out the footprint and check it against a real part before ordering boards.

TTGO-T7-ESP32.fzpz (14.2 KB)

A donation to help fund development would be appreciated.


Thank you so much for your help Peter! This will really make getting started easier for me. I am excited to use such an amazing tool and aid its development in any way I can. Hopefully this model will be useful to other as well. Cheers!