Creating parts RG-11 Rain Sensor

Can anyone help create the RG-11 rain sensor? I’m trying to design my weather station before implementation so I can be sure I have it correct before soldering. Thanks!

This part should do what you want. Note there is a 50/50 chance the header pin numbers are in the right order as the docs don’t specify a direction.

rg11-rain-sensor.fzpz (12.4 KB)


I’ve been working with the sensor, and the main problem I’m having is that i am not able to change the switches on pins 1-8 to 0 or 1 values to change the mode of the sensor. Is there a way to change the mode?

Not without modifying the part. Once made a part is fixed you in general can’t change things in it. The DIP switch has a random value in it and isn’t changeable (you can of course change it in the real world, just not in breadboard view.)