Creating non-circle pads for pcb connectors

For those creating custom Fritzing parts.

I created a python script to generate base svg files for rows of mathematically accurately possitioned pcb connectors with stretched pads. The size of the hole, pad (short) width, pad (long) length, spacing between pads, starting connector id number, and number of connectors can all be set. In addition, the position of the hole relative to the end of the pad can be adjusted with combinations of position keywords and offset values. This is configured to use mils (1/1000 inch) for all values, and creates the svg with units of inches.

FritzIng Pad Stretch github repository.

The svg file created by this should be loadable into any svg editor to add additional silkscreen content. You are invited to give it a try. Plenty more features are planned. See the point form notes in the readme. If you have a favorite, or something new, drop a note into the repo issues. I’ll see responses here as well, but use the issues to keep things associated with the project.

I added the project to, with man page and examples. Here is a scaled example.

horizontal connectors with padding example image