Creating new resistors from existing ones

I created a 10k ohm resistor from the stock 220 ohm resistor and I read somewhere that when you change the resistor value, the color of the bands will automagically change to reflect the new resistance value.

Well, that is not happening.

How do you change the color bands for a newly created resistor that was made from an existing one?


If you drag the resistor in to breadboard view and then change the value via inspector (lower right window) the color bands on the resistor will change to match the new value. If you post the .fzz file of the resistor that you think is 10k but hasn’t changed color (upload is the 7th icon from the left on the reply toolbar) I’ll have a look at the sketch.


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Perhaps that’s the problem. I don’t have a lower right window.
I have the Parts/Components selector window at the top right and nothing below that.

I’ve been trying to achieve that through the Parts Editir.

I deleted the resistor I had edited then dropped a fresh 220ohm resistor, thenbrought the inspector view back up and it worked.

Thanks much.
So editing a resistors resistance from the parts editor will not change the bands? Only through the Inspector window?

Yes the inspector window is the correct place to make changes to most parts. Resistors are somewhat special in that there is code in the application to modify the color bands that is why parts editor won’t work for it (it doesn’t understand the special format and will create a normal part which won’t work). For anyone else with this problem, if Inspector is missing, clicking Windows->inspector will bring it back.


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I’m trying to set resistor values using the inspector but it doesn’t allow me to enter more than 3 digits before the Ω. How do I enter 4.7k?

There are two ways: the easiest for standard values is to use the pull down menu in the inspector and select 4k7 from the list:


for values not in the list starting from the default 220 ohm resistor:


enter the value you want:


note to make it take effect you need to click on another field in Inspector (the empty power field is a good choice) to get inspector to update the value.