Creating new parts in 0.9.4

Hi friends,

I just downloaded fritzing. I love the idea with the breadboard. However I cannot find the parts I want to use. And for some reason it’s like I cannot create a new part myself.

Can anyone help me with a guide or suggestion as to how it is done in 0.9.4? It’s like I’m missing a few menus or something.

Browse the Tutorials - Guides - How to’s category here on the forum for a place to get started.

Both for how to create new parts, and for hints on searching for existing parts that others may have done. Including complete libraries that some companys (like Sparkfun) have done.

Basically FZ can’t draw parts only mod parts, so you need to draw them in another program.
It’s too hard to explain but there are vids. The Fritzing Advanced Tips & Tricks above explains what FZ can do internally.