Creating new bredboard from old one and moving elements

A. I read help editing file:///C:/Users/vasya1/Downloads/arduino/fritzing.0.9.2b.64.pc/help/parts_editor_help.html

I try to create Duemilanove from Arduino UNO, so I choose “save file as” duemilanove.
It creates file “Duemilanove.svg” in folder MINE, but when i open MINE bin, it looks as oldname - Arduino UNO.

?which actions do i need to change it’s showed name in menu to “Duemillanove”?

B.In edit mode, I select element (for example group of pins) and like to copy them and paste that copy to another place, then rotate it by 90 degrees. But I dom’t find such ability nor in upper tray, nor in context menu (right mouse button).

?Can somebody to point me, how to do these one and where the buttons drag, copy, image editing and so on placed?

I dont find in help, how to drag pin, this help is too short.

Would be very appreciate for somebody can point me that buttons.