Creating a small custom-PCB from standard parts


I want to add a small perforation-board-PCB to the bredboard-view.
I reality the Perf-board will have pulldown-resistors, TO92-transistors, base-resistors, LEDs and current-limiting-resistors. So all absolutely standard-parts.

From CAD-Software I’m used to have standard geometric bodys like quader, cylinder etc. and I simply put them together to create more complex mechancial parts. So I’m asking is this possible in Fritzing too?
The perf-board described above is an ideal example of putting basic parts to a more complex sub-unit of the whole circuitry.
To me it seems that this is not possible. I guess I would have to create a new SVG-drawing containing all these parts and re-assign connecting-points completely new.

Eh guys: software is made for automating regular patterns. And this is just an application of automate regular patterns.

So at least a “combine parts-SVG-files editor” would help a lot. For this a real-plain-topview of all parts would be really useful.

Currently I do test DIY Layout creator for putting the parts together.

best regards Stefan

Std perf broad and strip board is in CORE parts, but the BB view version isn’t perfect. Basically the std parts aren’t that adjustable, ie, you can’t make them shorter so you have to manually edit a part and change the svg. And std parts are isometric, so not ideal for placement - someone recently had a zip of top view parts, so that’s a start. If I was doing perf board I would make a PCB in PCB view by placing header pins on a 0.100" grid - it’s not hard if you copy paste groups.