Creating a new surface mount part


I am trying to create a new part. I thought I had this all figured out as this is the second part I have created. I use an existing IC and add custom SVG for the PCB layer. No matter what I do it always wants to add through holes to the connectors when I place the finished component on a PCB.

I set all the connectors to SMD and pad.

How do I stop it doing this?

Help, thanks!

This is my SVG:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' standalone='no'?>

Your svg did not upload. The best bet is to up load the fzpz file for the entire part (that has all the svgs plus the fzp file which may be the problem here). If you want to only upload the svg, renaming it to .fzp and telling us it is really a svg is the best bet. The forum often has trouble with svgs.


Hi Peter,

Thanks - I think I may have figured this out. The contacts where perfectly square. Like this they apear to get a hole. I made them rectangular and the hole disappeared. Is this how it works - I did also read some comments about using circles and polygons?


If you are getting holes you should have both copper1 and copper0 in the fzp file and the pcb svg which is incorrect for a surface mount part (it should only be copper1). Best bet is upload the .fzpz file for the part and I will have a look. I didn’t think it would produce a hole from a square (AFAIK only a circle or a path with a circle) but I’m always learning new things :slight_smile: about Fritzing and would be interested to see this.


FYI - I was curious so, I created an incomplete part as I was interested in only the Pad Shape and Holes.

4 Round Pads
1 Rectangular Pad, No hole
1 Square Pad, No hole
1 Square Pad, Yes hole

Only did this in the Part’s PCB svg, I was not interested in the other Part files for this test.
Did not fuss with accuracy in placing features…
Did Not fuss with Copper0/Copper1 layers, I left them as needed for all Parts I make.

Set the Rectangular and One Square Pad (both No holes) to PAD(SMD)

Set the One Square Pad (Yes hole) to a Male connector type.

Exported Gerbers.


Rectangular and both Square pads do not have holes in any of the Gerber files (including Drill file). Only the Round Pads have holes.

I loaded the Gerbers into CopperCam as if to CNC Mill it. Again, only the Round Pads have holes.
Rectangular and both Square Pads are SMC pads.
(including the Square Pad with Hole)

Images below… Expand the view to see full graphic