Create tracks or wires without connections?

Hi, I’m new to Fritzing. Many years ago I dabbled in electronics working from doodles that were drawn on copper with a pen! I think the Fritzing application is brilliant but I wonder if there is a way to draw a copper track that would accept connections in the future. For example I’d like to run Vcc and GND tracks around the board perimeter in advance of connecting parts.

Easy to do - example attached…

Thanks a lot! Pretty obvious when you see it. I was too focussed on looking for functionality that wasn’t there!

If you do not want the doubled pin connectors, I think you could also place a pad with a size set the the same as the copper trace width. That should provide a place to connect to, without needed a real end connector.

Thanks! I did actually end up using pads and discovered that I could get rid of them after by first removing the segments of track attached to them.
Also I was able to create connection points on the track by adding bend points so that I could then draw a wire from a component to the bend point. At least it looked like it worked!