Create snap point part

How to create a snap point in a part with illustrator.
Must a add a special layer with specific name? In which view a must added? breadboard or pcb?

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Is a snap point the same as bendable legs (i.e. the wires in breadboard view on some parts) or something else that I don’t know of? I know how to make bendable legs but not a snap point (nor what that is).

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What i mean is the following.
When you place a part in the breadboard view it’s snap automaticly to the grid.
Now a have craete a magnet that have no bend legs needed because its only a mechanical part. Now i want this magnet placed snapped on the grid. So i thing i must create a fake snap point in illustrator on a specific layer maybe like benable legs?

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Ah, while I’m not sure exactly how to do that (with luck someone else will), I believe Fritzing is snapping to connectors. So you could (and may have to) put in a fake connector for it to snap to.

So you have a part without contacts, and actual magnet, and you want it to snap to the grid.

We will have to see what Steel says, but I don’t think you can do that.
If you make a fake contact with zero stroke in PCB copper layer it will get drilled, but I suppose it can be 1 pixel in size. If it’s for the other views maybe a fake contact with zero stroke in their respective svgs.

How is Steel?

No problem with a drilled hole.
So i understand that i must create in the PCB SVG view a copper layer and make the drilled hole? I must also create on the same place as in the PCB view a contact.
Must that contact also placed on a specific layer?



You would need to add a connector to the part (in all layers) preferably aligned to the grid. You may be best to start from a part with a single pin in it (such as a 1 pin connector) as that will have all the necessary parts. Or you could read my parts howto in beginners and edit the various files to add a connector (but that’s more complex).